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Danger of Tarot Cards

What does Success look like for You?

A Love Story – written by a man.  by Norm Miller

Stories from Muslim Countries

A Christian Muslim in the Middle East – I am a Christian Muslim woman living in the Middle East.  Loving Jesus is a dangerous love.

Indonesian Women who Ministers to Muslims – Mary tells her story of sharing about Jesus love in an area of Indonesia where Christians are persecuted.

Ribkah – an 8 year old Indonesian girl tells her story.

The Story of Andi, an Indonesian Christian Student discriminated by Muslim Teachers

The Story of Erny – Tsunami Survivor, 2004 Indonesia

We Have Survived to Tell the World – Survivor of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami

A 15 year old survivor tells his story – Survivor of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami

Cameroon, Africa Story – From Despair to Hope

China Story: Tiananmen Leader’s Divine Cause Standing up to the ‘one-child only’ policy in China. by Rusty Wright Ending

China, Himilayan Plateau – Story of a Buddhist Monk

My Search for Inner Peace – by Eva Reinhart

The Gift of Forgiveness – by John William Smith

Where Your Choices Can Lead You – Frank Krause talks about what he learned from experience

Did I Hear You Correctly Lord? – My dreams were too small for God

A Single Woman’s perspective  – Why I Enjoy Being Single

Where Do I Call Home? – A Refugee’s story.  Helen Loewen’s story

Searching for a Higher Purpose – Betty Lau shares her story

A Mother’s Promise to God

Courage and Faith Through Health Issues

Bloom Where you are Planted – the Diane Willis story

My Autistic Son Changed my Life – Surprised by the Blessings. Stephanie Chung’s Story.

Being Strong and Courageous – Jesse Goerzen’s Story  – At 17, when life was going great, Jesse was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is his story.

My Son’s Addictions and a Mother’s Prayers by Pat Veal

Depression Story – There is Hope – Merri Ellen Giesbrecht tells her depression story and her story of hope

Up from Depression Story – Barbara Epp shares her journey with depression and the misconception that Christians shouldn’t get depressed.

Choosing to be Bitter or Better – Following her husband’s diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, June Krause and her husband had a choice as to how they were going to face it.

Abuse Survivor’s Story – A anonymous woman’s story. Sexually molested by her father as a child.

From Victim to Victory – Physically and emotionally abused as a child, Sharon stopped crying at 6 and stopped talking at 9.

Joy out of Sorrow – Norma Becker’s story

Views on Success

Why do You want to be Successful?  Business leader Peter Chung, a Christian business man, shares about his experience.

Getting Life Back on Track by Marvin Kehler

Redefining Success – Successful business owner Dr. Ed Becker describes how is definition of success changed.

Setting up a  Proper Foundation in Your Life for a Successful Business and Personal Life – Dr. Ed Becker

Unexpected Opportunity Herb Buller talks about how having cancer in his eyes turned into positive opportunities.

Being Honest and Ethical in Business – Herb Buller talks about  ‘Seizing Opportunities and Becoming a Work of Art’

What does Success look like for You?  Entrepreneur John Roise

From Success to Significance – Christian businessman Rick Brekelbaum, a former EXXON executive, shares his story of success.

Success in the Ownership of Professional Sports Teams – Wayne Huizenga story

A Passion for Helping Others – Business leader, Ken Kolek, talks about putting others first and how this affects his business dealings.

The Story of Don Voth -President of Metro-Can Construction Ltd. One of Canada’s top British Columbian Construction Services

Men Tell Their Story

Daniel Lee – “I was one of the ones where the Sower’s seed landed on rocky ground”

Sergei Bojarinov – talks about how God Renewed his Marriage.

Dealing with Despair and dark moments of the soul

Afraid of Being called a ‘Religious Fanatic” – Norm Brown’s story

A Love Story – written by a man.  by Norm Miller

Women Tell Their Story

Amanda Lee – a young’s woman’s story.

Katherine Kehler – My Dreams were too Small

Allyson Felix – Undisputed Queen of the Track. Olympian Athlete

The Danger of Tarot Cards – a true story