How to Pray Articles

Articles on How to Talk to God

Prayer is Talking to God

Praying with Confidence

How to be sure God Listens to your Prayers

How to have a “Quiet Time”

What Should Be Included in Prayer?

How You can Pray With Confidence:

  1. You Can Change the Lives of Men and Nations
  2. Answers to Your Questions on Prayer
  3. More Answers on Prayer: Why, To Whom and When?
  4. More Answers on Prayer: What Should Be Included?
  5. Abide, Ask, Believe and Receive
  6. Tapping the Source of Power
  7. Study Guide

Conversational Prayer – How to lead group prayer – or – Shorter Version

Foundational Core Truths about Prayer by Sylvia Gunter

A Bible Study on Waiting on God By Sylvia Gunter

Continuous Partial Attention Is your prayer time undistracted?

Should I Pray Every Day? 

Hailing the Chief

How did Jesus Pray?

(God is) Stronger than a Crocodile

Fast Of Words: A Different Kind of Fast

Praying the 23rd Psalm for Yourself and Others

The Supernatural Power of Praise

Intercessory Prayer Story

Practicing the Presence of God

What is Worship? By Sylvia Gunter

Some Thoughts on Worship

How to Pray for Our LEADERS and Country

A Call to Prayer- to seniors and those who are housebound but have internet.

You Asked God for What?

God Listens to Us

Grandparents Army

Why Should we Pray?

Praying for our Society

Prayer – Asking Specifically

Praying for Children

Hearing God’s Voice

Eagerly Watch – a story about eagerly watching for how God answers a prayer

Pray and then Decide

Concerts of Prayer Outline (Prayer Meeting)

Prayer Journey – Have you ever taken the time to evaluate your journey with God?

Hailing the Chief– a story about how we all pray differently but often don’t even stop to fellowship with God while we are praying.

Pass it On! – using a prayer chain to pass it on.

Praying for you Neighbours – while taking a walk

Prayer Series by Barbara Epp


  1. Walking and Talking with God

  2. Prayer Initiated by God

  3. Prayer Inspired by God

  4. Promises of Prayer

  5. Joy of Prayer – The Mystery of Thanksgiving

  6. The Disciplines of Prayer