Struggles – Despair – Depression

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Dealing with Despair

Overwhelmed by Negative Feelings?

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Who is My Behaviour Affecting?

What is Your Measuring Stick?

The Power of Forgiveness

Dealing with Inner Turmoil

Why is What I say So Important?


Up from Depression
Barbara Epp shares her journey with depression and the misconception that Christians shouldn’t get depressed

Struggling with Depression – Story #2– Merri Ellen Giesbrecht tells her depression story and her story of hope

Abuse Survirvor ‘s Story– there IS HOPE

2nd Abuse Surviror’s Story – how she survived abuse as a child

Forgiveness, Guilt, Fear

The Freedom in Forgiveness

Have you Forgiven Yourself?

Feelings, Forgiveness and Peace – by Dr. Muriel Larson

God Forgave our Sins, Past, Present and Future

The Gift of Forgiveness – a true story

Getting God’s Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is Good For Your Health

Father, Forgive Them by Max Lucado

Forgiveness Opens the Door

True Forgiveness

Forgive Again and Again

It is All About Forgiveness

Costly Forgiveness

Forgiving is not Excusing by Max Lucado

The Freedom of the Cross by Rick Warren

Let Go of Your Hurt by Rick Warren

No Longer Imprisoned

Three Uncomfortable Words


Guilt – How to Handle it – by Muriel Larson

Get Rid of Guilt


Guilt Living

Not Guilty! by Mary Pinckney

Not Guilty by Max Lucado

Guiltless is God’s Eyes

Fear –What will people think?

Why Worry Yourself Sick? – by Muriel Larson

Being Loved – by God – for Healing

God’s Love for you

Did You Know that You are Someone Special? – by Elfrieda Nikkels

Reasons to be Thankful – Mental Health and Gratitude

Looking at Sin

Pressing Your Reset Button

Lies we believe

He is Out to Destroy You!

Aphids and Sin

It’s not Fair!– Do we pout?

When life isn’t fair

Dirty Oven