Responding to God’s Plan & Challenge

Responding to God’s Call – Index of Articles

Heart Fully Committed to Him

The Generosity Habit

Try Tithing

Checking your Spiritual compass

Do it for Jesus – raising funds for Christian ministry or raising funds for the kids’ school. Perspsective.

Getting Close to People – friends, neighbours, co-workers, and others

Love your Neighbor

Extending Grace to Others

Love and Parameters

Children – Teaching Children


Random Acts of Kindness it is amazing how random acts of kindness affect those around you.

Love is Patient and Kind

Forgiveness is Good for your Health

The Way of Love – I Corinthians 13

Do it NOW – renewing relationships that have strayed apart

Insights into Broken Relationships and what “the fellowship of his suffering” means

Enhancing your Relationships– from a single woman’s perspective

19 Ways to Encourage Others

Encouraging Words – a story of how God used random people to encourage me during a hurtful week.

Golden Rule – What happened to it?

A Mentor’s Impact – the story of Bob Prall

How to make friends with an immigrant neighbour

Guilt – Getting rid of false guilt. Getting rid of real guilt.

Standing up for People you Believe In vs. sitting on the fence

Whatever you do

Children –Raising children

Ducks, Neighbors and Forgiveness

Dandelion– Three lessons I’ve learned from dandelions

Words –The Power of the Tongue

Lies – Speaking the Truth or Speaking Lies

Be Patient. An example or impatience and prayer for patience.

Be Aware. Our lives are constantly being observed. A story of being watched.

Loving Others – the greatest commandment

Food Bank – A volunteer shares about her rewarding experiences

Knitting for Unwed Mothers

Opportunity International – African story of a Micro-loan for Esther in a small village

Hidden Talent – As we get past 55 years of age we often discover talents that we were never aware of.

Merle Henegan: The “Mother Teresa of the Gold Fields” in South Africa. Helping the poor in the squatter camps.

Deadly Wars – be a giver and help those in need

Cup of Water– a reminder of the shortage of clean drinking water around the world

Refugees– Is God impressing on you to help provide food, clothing, and medical supplies for the refugees?

Marvelous Love

Sharing Your Faith – to save others

Coming Along- side of Others.  What does that looks like?

Moving Mountains – by Marilyn Ehle

Your Life may be the only Bible that others will read

Divine Appointments

Writing Down your Spiritual Journey

Testimony – Tips to narrow it down so that you can tell others about your salvation in a clear and easy way.

PRINT this Gospel Presentation (How to Know God Personally) and share it with your non-Christian acquaintances

Conversation Starters – steering conversations to spiritual things

Go Talk to your Neighbor – a story of following God’s lead when he asks us to comfort a neighbor

Coffee Parties that count

Caring Enough to tell others about Jesus

One Link in the Chain

I had a Very Real Dream– I nearly drown.

Leave the Results to God – “What would you do differently if you knew you only had until the end of this month to live?”

Sharing Jesus with your Neighbors

We are Christ’s Ambassadors

Accomplishing your Dreams condensed version

Accomplishing your Dreams  Full version

Setting Measurable Goals

Army of Grandparents

A Time to Dream

Be a Leader – to lead & influence others

Building an Effective Team – this can apply to families, work, or volunteer groups.

Qualities of Mature Leadership

Effective Leadership – What I’ve Learned

Leadership Tips

Leaders need Jesus too


Join our Prayer Team

Become an Online Mentor