Just for Students

Students are meant for more than the things of this world…they’re meant to know Jesus.

Now, more than ever, students need to hear this message and discover the life-changing hope found in the gospel.

All of this content is provided by a Student Ministry Website called ‘Meant for More’.  This website is part of the bigger Ministry, which we also support, called the National School Project.
All this content is used by permission.  Learn more about these ministries

Videos for Students.

You are ‘Meant for More’

Feature Videos

  1. Former NFL Star William Green
  2. Former inmate Louis Dooley
  3. Feats of strength performer Andy Gavin
  4. International surfing champion Bethany Hamilton
  5. Music Producer Ryan Ries
  6. Pastor and Christian mentor to Kanye West Adam Tyson
  7. NHL player Jaccob Slavin & former semi-pro hockey player Gary Steffes
  8. Life Without Limbs founder/CEO Nick Vujicic

Regular Students: Videos

These testimonial videos from young people speak to hope they have found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  1. Ella’s story 
  2. Emily’s story
  3. Sam’s story
  4. Caleb’s story 
  5. Rogelio’s story 
  6. Onika’s story  
  7. Xavier’s story
  8. Khushboo’s story
  9. Kristin’s story 

Meant for More Devotionals for Student Leaders

This spring, the staff members of the National School Project put together a devotional series specifically for student leaders like you!  This Devotional Series focuses on 7 ways to grow as a leader during this time of crisis (COVID) or during other hard times. .Each devotional comes in both a written and video format.
  1. Focused on God’s Purposes
  2. Fed by God’s Word
  3. Filled by God’s Spirit
  4. Fueled by Prayer
  5. Faith in God to do the Impossible
  6. Filled with Boldness from the Lord
  7. Faithful with all You Have Been Entrusted

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