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Feature Poems:

When I say… “I am a Christian– by Carol Wimmer

I am Thanking You right NOW

I Believe…

They Say I’m Nothing, but I’m Something by Londeka Zondi,

Poems by Katy Kauffman:

New: God You’ve Been Working

New: I Love You, Jesus

New: Down the Road

In the Stillness

The Almighty 

This Place of Love


Poems by Hope Tshuma:

God, Our Source of Life 

Fully Surrender to the the Lord

The Day I Fell in Love 

Once in My Life 

A Place Called Home

My Lord, My Companion. I know you are with me. 

Greetings to the New Baby 

Eternal Love

Lost Without You

More Christian Poems:

The Praying Hands of Grandmother


There is Nothing Beyond Your Reach – by Mark Doyle

This Little Babe? by Denise J Feil

The Tree by Michael Sawh

I Testify that God is…. – by Wendy Patrick

A Morning Prayer from a tired, busy person – by Malcolm Boyd

A poem about the sufficiency of God called ‘He is

A poem of Hope …”I feel the arms of God around me”

Remembrance Day Poem ‘Daddy’s Poem’

Seek – to seek Go


Poems by Margaret C Mullings

In Hot Pursuit – a poem about pursuing God

To the Lamb of God – a poem for those going through troubling times.

but I Thought I was Loving You

The Light

You are There

Touch Me

Peace and Contentment

Precious Poem

‘It Is’ Poem – It is not about how….you are!

A Poem called:  if :  If you can display God’s love when it seems as if all hell assails you!

You are an Overcomer

The Sunrise

In the Midst

During My Trials Keep Me Sweet

Driven to the Breaking Point

No Body’s Friend

I Hear Your Heart Cries

He Kept me – a poem about wanting to take your own life

God’s Love


I Miss You

A Blessing in Disguise

Christmas Poems


Inn Keeper


Angel Gabriel


New Year’s Poem.  Down the Road

Easter Poems

At the Foot of the Cross

When I say… “I am a Christian” – by Carol Wimmer

I am Thanking You right NOW


Mary at the cross

The Tomb


Caiaphas’ Servant

The Centurion

Pontius Pilate

Pilate’s Wife

The Crucify Crowd

The Two Thieves