God is…

God is…

Attributes of God

Discover the awe and wonder of God again.

God is Sufficient
God is my Delight
What a Friend we have in Jesus
Hiding Place
God is Thinking about You
God’s Mysterious Ways

He Guides Us
Jesus is Always There!
God WILL take care of you
How Big is God?
Father God’s Intimate Love Letter to You
God Knows Everything
What the Lord Values

God’s Sufficiency Exceeds Our Need – by Sylvia Gunter
Attributes of God
God Provides for His Own
God is Holy….
God Programs Seashells
Does God Exist?
God is Faithful

The Unchanging Lord – by Charles Spurgeon
The Everlasting God – By Stoddard
Words – The Amazing Words of Christ
God is Gentle and Humble

God is Bigger than all my Problems
The Lord is My Shepherd
The Lord Never Changes
God Listens to Us

HE IS!  A great poem
God Demonstrates His Love
How Does God Do It?
Is Jesus God?

The Only Totally Fair Judge
Wisdom and Knowledge of God
God Provides Companionship
Beauty – Take time to enjoy the beauty around that God gave you.

Truth – God’s truth remains the same from age to age,

He Lets me Rest
God, our Shield