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Praying for Children

The Power of a Mother’s Promise 

Story of a Teen Suicide Attempt

Children – Raising children

Help for Parents to Prevent Teen Suicide

The ABC’s of Parenting Teens

Ten Things to Teach your Son about True Manhood – by John Grant

Rewards of Having Children

When Parents Break your Heart

12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child

Spending Quality Time with your Kids– 8 suggestions

Teaching your kids values– 10 top ways

Lessons from Dishwashing – by Muriel Hanson

The Hammer Did It – by Don Krause (remembering when he was 14 years old and facing some tough choices)

She fell in the Hot Tub

She walked away from us

Your Son was shot

Please Go Away Grandma

Who is God to You – a perspective on our view of God.

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