Daily Devotionals

December can be Hard

Have you ever felt lonely? 

Surviving Christmas: “be still and know that I am God”

Alone But Not Lonely - by Elfrieda Nikkel

Never Alone by Phil Ware

You're Not Alone - by Max Lucado

A Lonely Christmas  - changed by my landlady’s Gift

Feelings, Forgiveness and Peace - by Dr. Muriel Larson

Christmas Category

Focus on Christmas Season

The Christmas Story – the story of Jesus Birth

Peace on Earth – Keeping focused during a Christmas season.

Great Expectations for Christmas, there is a better way to approach Christmas.

The Christmas Story: Does It Still Matter?

Is Jesus Better than Santa?

 Christmas Prayers

Is Jesus God?

 Christmas Poems

→ Christmas Quotes

Season to Forgive

The Gift of Forgiveness  A story of a Christmas tree and anger and finally forgiveness but it took till adulthood.
The Power of Forgiveness  by Dr. Henry Brandt
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Know God Personally

Reading the Bible