Angels and Miracles


 Index of Articles and Stories about Angels and Miracles

Please read this article first : ** Great Biblical Teaching about Angels

Guardian Angels Watching over Us

Frank had a vision of a huge angel

Angel at the Train Station

A Flutter of Wings

For he will command his angels…

Good Angels – Bad Angels – what is the difference?

Bible Study: Angels? Really Now?

Monday Morning Miracle

A Room Full of Angels – by Ev Baerg

A Bright Light came over me and healed me  by Mary DeWitt

Kids – and how they view angels

God speaks to us through Angels

Daddy helped us–  “but daddy is dead”

The Surgeon began to cry “Someone was moving my hands.”

Encountering Three Angels

Angels knock on the Door

A Calm Voice Spoke to Me

Angel Saves Toddler from Danger

Angel and a Hairbrush – by Beth Moore

Angel Comes to Encourage during Surgery


How Does He Do It?

Thankful for Air – a miraculous cure from Pulmunary Fibrosis

Saved from the Cobra’s path

I had a Dream – I Nearly Drowned


Healing Oil

Programmed Seashells

Stronger than a Crocodile

Remembering the Tsunami (Dec 26, 2004):

Indonesian Woman Pastor tells her story

A 15 year old survivor tells his story

A business owner, named Erny, tells her story