Angel Saves Toddler from Being Hit by Truck

I would like to share my “angel story” with you because most of the people I relate it to don’t really believe it!

A few yeas ago I had my small toddler grandson with me at the shopping centre. As I was loading my parcels into the boot of my car, Ian, my grandson started to run off thru the cars parked in an open parking lot, bordering a busy road. I had recently had knee surgery and could only hobble after him. As he was about to step off the curb into the path of an oncoming truck speeding up the road, an elderly gentleman appeared from nowhere, scooped him up and placed him in my arms. I was so busy scolding Ian I did not immediately thank the man, and when I suddenly remembered my manners and looked for him he was nowhere to be seen.  My late Mother was with me and also saw the “man” but she too couldn’t understand how he could have just appeared and vanished in an open area such as we were in.  I tell my grandson who is now 8 years old, that the Lord must have a wonderful future ahead of him to have sent his angel to save him that day.

by Cynthia Smith, South Africa

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