How Does God do It?

How Does He do It?

“Because God is all powerful, He can help with anything.” — Dr. Bill Bright

There is great restaurant in our city. Marvin and I often take guests there because we can always count on great food and good service. The former owner of this restaurant entertained his customers during the meal by doing card tricks. He was really good.

He could make cards disappear and reappear. We always asked ourselves, “How did he do that?” We knew it was an illusion, but he was able to make us think that the cards had disappeared.

But God really can make things appear or disappear. Miracles are possible for Him.

I was told about a miracle a while ago while having lunch with a woman I’ll call Amy.  When Amy was new to her neighborhood and feeling very depressed, her neighbor befriended her and gave her a Bible for Christmas. Soon after that Amy got sick and had to stay in bed for two weeks. Because she couldn’t do anything else, she began to read the Bible. She said that even though it didn’t make sense to her, she was fascinated by it. Sometime later, she gave her life to Jesus Christ.

Not many weeks later, Amy experienced a miracle. For years she was awakened by her radio alarm, which was tuned to a Chinese station. One morning after she had come to faith in Christ, instead being woken by the music on the Chinese radio station, there was nothing. She couldn’t get the Chinese station, or any other station, except one — a Christian station.

For the next four days, that’s all she could listen to — Christian messages and music all day. God blocked all the other radio stations, so that she would be fed spiritually. Amazing isn’t it? How does He do that? He is God. All things are possible with Him.

Father, You are so amazing. I love being Your child. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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