A Room Full of Angels

By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me-a prayer to the God of my life.  (Psalm 42:8 NIV)

The chorus we sang repeatedly at our chapel service that morning was,

“…ho-ly, holy are you Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the lamb, worthy is the lamb…”

Throughout the day that song kept running through my mind.

It was about six months after my husband’s homegoing and I still wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night, so I was waking up almost hourly. That night whenever I woke up, the song was there, as if I had left it playing on a CD player. I’d wake up briefly, ‘hear’ a phrase or two and then fall asleep – over and over again, the same thing would happen.

When I read Psalm 42:8 a day or two later, I had no trouble relating. In fact, because He drew my attention to that verse, it seemed as though God wanted me to know more. So I asked Him where Jesus was when that happened (all the waking up to singing throughout the night). And the first thing that came to mind was that He was standing right near my pillow, and almost simultaneously I sensed He was not alone. There was a semi-circle of angels standing shoulder to shoulder around my bed, singing and singing and singing to God. No, I did not see them that night, and neither was I conscious of them, but when I awoke in the morning I felt a new measure of peace from “the God of my life”.

So whether you wake up at night or not, if you feel extra blessed one morning, remember Psalm 42:8. You may have had a room full of angels with you.

~ Dear Lord, You are so worthy! Thank you for the love You direct my way daily. When Your song comes to me in unexpected ways, help me to recognize the source and to rejoice over the God of my life. Amen

By Evelyn Baerg

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*After being a widow for several years, Ev married Jim Roth in August, 2008.

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