The Shepherd King

The Shepherd King

A brighter star lit up the sky than we had ever seen,
A sign from heaven, surely, but whatever could it mean?
Nothing to do with us, we thought, we shepherds on the hill,
Then on our faces fell, amazed, as it grew brighter still.

The sheep grazed on oblivious as we looked on in fear,
A glowing figure in the sky came swooping ever near.
What had we done, we mortal men, to bring an angel nigh?
Hands over faces, yet we peeked, as we prepared to die.

“Fear not,” he said, his voice a chime, “for good news do I bring.
In David’s town is born this day a Saviour, Christ the King.”
Why unto us, we wondered, ’tis a hillside, not a court.
Yet David was a shepherd once, so we were of his sort.

“And for a sign you’ll find the babe wrapped up in swaddling clothes,
Not in a house or fancy inn, for He’s not one of those.
But in a humble stable, in a manger lays His head,
And with the beasts and all things least.” ‘Tis what the angel said.

We left the sheep oblivious as we went down the hill.
We searched the town and found the babe, I think about it still.
That God’s own Christ should come, a child, a human such as we,
How could we not respond in love, to know such love could be?

by Kate Tompkins

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