God’s Deliverance

When Abraham ascended up the mountain

A dramatic event lay just ahead

A paramount decision awaited him

Yet he knew, that by God he was led


When the Hebrew children faced the furnace

A perilous time awaited them

They found peace and consultation

Because their trust, was in Him


There was a Samaritan woman at the well

Who had a sordid past

But when she trusted Jesus

From her, all “yesterday’s” were cast


When fearful fishermen on a stormy sea

Were faced with raging waves

Who more than them, – could declare

–  –  – ” JESUS SAVES  ”  – – –


Of many others,  I could enumerate

When it seemed they were at journeys end

When worldly solutions gave no reprieve

They found that Jesus was their friend


Certainly today, – perilous times abound

As nations display fear and anger

Basic principles we were founded upon

Seem to be in great danger


I’m thankful I, claimed John six-thirty seven

It gave peace to my troubled soul

Anguish and fear were alleviated

His sacrifice on the cross, made me whole


by Colan Hiatt
used by permission

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A note from the author:

“I have been writing poetry for several years. Writing is the greatest “outlet” I have ever experienced to release my inner emotions, and express my stance on spiritual issues.  Many offer a personal “mini-story” with a metaphor of spiritual implications that occur around us, and portray God as the ultimate solution to life’s problems. My ultimate goal is that compositions I write will portray Christ and His sacrifice at Calvary as the solution to problems encountered along our pilgrim journey.”


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