A Morning Prayer

A Morning Prayer

It’s morning, Jesus.  It’s morning, and here’s that light and sound all over again.

I’ve got to move fast . . . get into the bathroom, wash up, grab a bite to eat and run some more.

I just don’t feel like it, Lord.  What I really want to do is get back into bed, pull up the covers, and sleep.  All I seem to want today is the big sleep, and here I’ve got to run all over again.

Where am I running?  You know these things I can’t understand.  It’s not that I need to have you tell me.  What counts most is just that somebody knows, and it’s you.  That helps a lot.

So I’ll follow along okay?  But lead, Lord.  Now I’ve got to run.  Are you running with me, Jesus?

by Malcolm Boyd, Running with Jesus: The Prayers of Malcolm Boyd

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