More than a Father – a Poem

More than a Father – a Poem

More than a father to me

giving me life and identity.

Never leaving, always present,

covering, protecting, staying.

“I have born you. You are mine!

In my arms, you will be fine.”

More than a mother to me,

tenderly nurturing, feeding.

Never condemning, always forgiving.

“I love you with an everlasting love!

Let me comfort you, my child.”

More than a friend to me

sharing secrets, tears, and joy,

heart to heart and hand in hand.

“With me your soul is safe.

Keep on walking and be brave!”

Yes, you are much more than this,

mother, father, Lord and King.

You are just my everything!

Filling every void and thirsty space

with the sweetness of your grace.

by Hadassah Treu
used by permission

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Hadassah is a Christian writer, blogger, and a bilingual poet. She writes a blog to encourage the readers to keep moving in the journey of faith and walk deeper with God. She is Bulgarian living in Austria with her husband. She loves diving deeper into the Word of God and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

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