What the Lord Values!

The Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Galatians 2:20).

I have been reading a set of books in my devotions by Charles J. Rolls, in which the author writes, in great detail, about the attributes of God. He writes about names and characteristics of God which I had not considered before. One of these names is: God, the Valuer.

Throughout the Bible, there are many examples of what God values. He values what we give to Him. One example is in a passage is in Leviticus 27. Here the Lord commands priests to place an estimate on the value of all things that were donated to God by the people of Israel. In Leviticus, the expression, “thy estimation” is used twenty times. God places a value on the things we give to Him. Christ wields the prerogative of estimating the value of all gifts and services that are rendered in His name – gold, silver or stubble.

Take the story of Peter – after he had been fishing all night and caught nothing, Jesus asked for the use of his boat to teach the crowds. Then He told Peter to launch into the deep and let down his nets. Even though Peter was reluctant because they had fished in vain all night and were tired, he did it anyway and God rewarded him for the use of his boat, by giving him two boatloads of fish. Christ is no man’s debtor.

There is also the story of Mary who poured the expensive, perfumed oil on Jesus feet. Jesus valued her precious act of worship and told the cynical disciples that this woman’s act of kindness and adoration would be remembered wherever the gospel was preached. He valued her sacrifice of love.

Christ never undervalues a kind word spoken, or underestimates a loving deed done in His name. He noticed the widow who gave two mites. He understands what giving costs.

He also takes notice of neglect in giving thanks to Him for benefits received, as in the case of the ten lepers who were healed and only one came back to give thanks. Jesus asked where the others were.

Charles Rolls states so clearly, “He weighs the burden of sigh, he measures the pain of our heartaches, he senses the sorrow of severance from our loved ones, he perceives the motive of a desire, and discerns the aim of an aspiration. He fully knows, sincerely loves and gently cares for each one of us, His people.”

The value that Christ puts on our life never changes. He paid the ultimate price for us. He loved us so much that He paid the price (an unbelievable cruel death) to redeem us from the of sin and death.

As in Ephesians 1:18, He considers us “His own precious treasure.” God is the Valuer and places the highest value on who we are, what we do for Him, the time we spend for Him and what we give up for Him. God, the Valuer.

Do you know He values you?

God, we recognize that You place a value on what we do or don’t do for You, but we also realize and are so grateful that You value us so much that You paid the ultimate price for us by dying for us. Thank You! Please give us wisdom and courage to value the things that You value. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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