He Programs the Seashells

“Who decreed the boundaries of the seas when they gushed from the depths? Who clothed them with clouds and thick darkness, and barred them by limiting their shores, and said, ‘Thus far and no farther will you come, and here shall your proud waves stop!’” (Job 38: 8-11).

I had some seashells in a drawer of the coffee table in my living room. They were there to remind me that God programs them with the roar of ocean waves. I chose these shells, which were among thousands of others, while walking along the beach in Melbourne, Florida.

I wondered,

“How does God program the seashells to make the sound of the ocean?”

There is no complicated computer equipment in the shells. The program never crashes. The shells have no wind-up mechanisms that wear out. They just keep on playing the sound of the ocean. How does God program those sounds into the shells? Have you ever thought about it?

I don’t know how He does it; I just know it is another one of those awesome mysteries of God. It is like watching the swelling ocean waves. They are allowed to go just so far and then they must retreat. How does He do it?

Those seashells remind me of the greatness of God.

God You are amazing! Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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