Get Rid of Guilt

“We were the ones who strayed away like sheep! We, who left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet God laid on Him (Jesus) the guilt and sins of every one of us!” (Isaiah 53:5)

Not long ago, I read some results of a survey that found that most women live with a constant feeling of guilt. We feel guilty because we are eating too much, we are not exercising enough, and we don’t spend enough time with our kids, husband, relatives, or friends. And even though we can’t squeeze one more thing into our already frenzied schedule, we feel guilty because we are not doing enough, or because we aren’t doing what we see other women doing.

Last week I had lunch with an extremely gifted woman. She told me she felt guilty because she was not doing more of the things I was doing. I wasn’t surprised she said this, because there seems to be an epidemic of guilt feelings among women today.

I have learned that there are two kinds of guilt: real guilt and false guilt.

My friend was feeling false guilt, and this is what I told her: “God has given you many wonderful gifts and an amazing way with people. People love you. You are so good at what you do. I couldn’t possibly do those things. If you didn’t do what you did, those things would be left undone. You are just where the Lord wants you to be.”

The enemy of our souls is the “accuser,” and he will try to put these feelings of “not good enough” into our minds and hearts. Usually he puts this vague feeling of guilt on us, but nothing really specific. Don’t listen to him.

There is, however, a kind of guilt that is real. Sometimes we have sinful attitudes, or do and say sinful things. We may speak angry words, swear, gossip, entertain jealousy, flirt with someone, have an affair, or eat or drink too much. The Holy Spirit will convict you of these specific sins, and you will need to admit and confess them. Then, as 1 John 1:9 says, He will forgive and cleanse you — take away your guilt.

We need not walk with feelings of guilt. Christ has set us free from guilt and sin. Let’s walk in the freedom of forgiveness.

Father, thank You for freeing us from all guilt and sin through Your Son’s death on the cross. I want You to be the Director of my life, so I will become like Jesus. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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