Leadership Tips

Jesus knew why He was here on earth. He stated His purpose very clearly.

“I, the Messiah, have come to search for and to save such souls as his” (Luke 19:10).

Whether you are a business person, a full-time employee, or an ’empty- nester’, you are a leader. If we chose not to use our talents and time wisely and for God’s glory, who will fulfill the role God created us for?

When I consider the years of experience that the Lord has given us in influencing people,

I see that the principles of successful leadership can be boiled down to a few points.

1. Have a clear dream or passion.

What has God given you to do? Write it down. Keep it simple, and begin to act on it.

2.  Know what your strengths are.

If you don’t know, ask people who know you well to identify your strengths. Or, have a professional analysis.

Surround yourself with a team whose members have strengths that you do not have. Form a complementary team. Together you will play the role God has for you.

3. Set measurable goals.

So often I have seen leaders fail because they had great dreams, but they never went beyond the dream stage. Set measurable monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Then enter them in your schedule. Evaluate your progress regularly.

4. Work hard.

The key to being successful is working hard to reach you goals. Be a non-quitter. Also, be a lifelong learner. If you stop learning, you will stop growing. Keep stepping out of your comfort zone. You won’t grow or be successful in your comfort zone.

5. Be ready for resistance.

You will have problems and resistance, buta leader is a problem-solver. Facing problems and dealing with them by making decisions is the difference between a leader and a follower.

6. Celebrate accomplishments.

When you and your team meet some of your measurable goals, take time to celebrate your successes. Give members verbal credit for their valuable contribution and a small token of appreciation.

Know why God has placed you on earth, and be the leader God created you to be.

by Katherine Kehler

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