Whatever You Do…

When you did it to these my brothers you were doing it to me! When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing to help me Matthew 25:40-45.

I believe these verses are talking about helping people in need…or refusing to help them.

While some scholars say “my brothers” refers to Jewish people, others say it means “Christians” and still others say it refers to any people in need.

But the issue is larger than that, isn’t it? Jesus is referring to our attitudes – our hearts!

How is the attitude of your heart today? Do you, like the men in the “Good Samaritan” story, quickly walk by hurting people without a thought? Or are you alert to people needing encouragement today? Maybe they need some financial or emotional support – would you take time to help them? Do you ever stop and pray with the hurting friend? You would be doing it to Jesus.

I would like to expand on these verses a little. This may be stretching the theology of this verse, but I believe the Holy Spirit gave me this insight.

When someone hurts, shuns or betrays us, they have really done it to Christ in us. One translation of the above verse reads,

“Whatever you do…you have done it unto Me.

When we do good to others, we are doing it to Christ. When we hurt others, we are hurting Christ. When others are kind to us, they are being kind to Christ. When they hurt us, they have hurt Christ.

I don’t know why, but this new insight alerts me to be more kind. And I also find it comforting to know that Jesus and I are so close, that when I get hurt, He gets hurt. A real friend!

Lord Jesus, thank You for feeling all the pain I feel. Thank You for making me alert to the fact that You also feel the pain of all the people in the world. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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