Thanksgiving Articles

Make Thankfulness and Gratitude a Habit

Reasons to be Thankful

My Journal of Gratitude

How to Be Thankful in Tough Times by Rick Warren

Let Thanksgiving be the Habit of your Life

Bible Study on Thanksgiving

Bible Study:Thanksgiving for What God Has Done

The Power of Thanksgiving

Peace and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Our Hearts

Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Thought about Gratitude

The Cure for Ingratitude

Remember to Give Thanks

When You Can’t Pray – Give Thanks

An Attitude of Gratitude by Max Lucado

Attitude of Gratitude by Helen Lescheid

Give Thanks


I Choose to Give Thanks

More than Gratitude

Thankfulness (Lessons from a 5 year old)

Count Your Blessings

I’m Thankful For

A Thankful Heart

Be Thankful for Weakness

Are We Thankful for God’s Miracles?

A Thankful Man Is a Humble Man

Be Thankful in All Circumstances

Be Thankful

Three Things to be Thankful For

Radical Gratitude

Living a Life of Gratitude

Give Thanks in ALL Circumstances? by Muriel Larsen

Give Thanks in ALL Circumstances? by Helen Lescheid

All I can say is ‘Thank You’

Thanksgiving in Prayer

Thanksgiving AND Prayer

Thanking Abundantly

Thanksgiving Quotes

Gratitude Quote

Unexpected Opportunity to be Grateful

The Joy of Prayer. The Mystery of Thanksgiving.

Better Late than Never A late thank you card is forgiven because of its sincere expressions of gratitude (from daughter to mother)

Appreciating the Details in Creation

Pray, Watch and Give Thanks

An Attitude of Gratitude

Choosing Thankfulness

Perspective – with a new perspective a daunting task was enjoyable.