The Cure for Cynicism

The Cure for Cynicism

And always be thankful (Colossian 3:15).

When I was younger, I naively thought temptations such as cynical or critical attitudes would lessen with age. I thought I would be a nicer person when I reached the age of a senior.

But to my dismay, I find my mind is still being attacked with those same temptations. But why should I be surprised? After all, we never lose our sinful nature, even though the Holy Spirit has given us a spiritual nature too.

I find that I need to be in continuous, moment-by-moment fellowship with God so I remember to give the temptations to Him. Corrie Ten Boon said, “When temptations come knocking at my door, I let Jesus answer.”

Cynicism is one of the temptations plaguing me lately. It seems to be getting worse as I get older. Perhaps because of one’s past experiences we may very well be correct in our insights and analysis, but if our hearts are without love, it is sin.

The only cure for cynicism is to cultivate a habit of thankfulness. A thankful heart cannot be cynical.

If you find yourself being cynical or critical today, begin thanking God for all the blessings in your life. You will much happier.

Father, create in us thankful hearts. Keep us from being critical and cynical. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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