Three Things to be Thankful For

Recently, a family visited and thanked me for ministering to them in a difficult situation. I felt blessed because we live in a world where gratitude is often not expressed and help given is easily forgotten. Undercutting and backstabbing seem to be the order of the day! This article reflects on three areas in which we should always be thankful and show gratitude.

Thankful for God’s Goodness

It amazes me how easily people forget God’s blessings. I have prayed with people for suitable employment but once they get the blessing, their job, and not God, gets their time and commitment. I have prayed with others for healing but once their health is restored, they chase worldly pursuits with no time for God! Sad, but often true!

For many years God was Israel’s King and provided for the Nation. However, in 1 Samuel 8, Israel unashamedly asks for a human King of their own, to keep pace with the Nations around them. They were asking for trouble and boy, didn’t they get it! They forgot God’s goodness.

A Gospel song titled ‘Remind me O Lord’, has the following lyrics and should be our prayer. Remember I’m human and humans forget, So, remind me, remind me, O Lord.

Thankful for Others’ Goodness

A Pastor trains a new intern for many years, but when established, the intern starts his own ministry, taking part of the congregation with him. A young lady invites a friend going through trouble into their home for a season, to help her through her trauma. She begins an affair with the friend’s husband and the family is devastated.  How often we hear stories like this. It reminds us that we need to cultivate gratitude and not forget what others have done for us.

In 1 Samuel 23:1-12, David saved the people of Keilah from the horrors of being captured by the Philistines. In response, they were ready to hand him over to King Saul! Talk about gratitude!

As much as people may like to brag about it, nobody makes it on their own. Along the way, people have invested their time, wisdom, advice and skills in us and given us a helping hand, when we needed it badly. Well, this just might be a good time to think of them by giving a call or sending a special gift or a ‘thank you’ card.  For some, this may be a great season to honor our spiritual leaders.

Let’s honor people while they are still alive. It’s so much better than sending flowers to their funeral!

Thankful for our Family’s Goodness
How often we take our spouse, children, parents and other family members for granted. We forget the love, faithfulness and commitment shown to us. It is said that home is the place where we are loved the most but also get hurt the most! At trying times, by being thankful and appreciative, we can stifle Satan’s strategies to invade our homes.

Husbands – Remember the girl you met at the altar, the one who bore your child and has stood by your side faithfully. Why not express your gratitude in a new and romantic way? The Kenny Rogers song says, ‘Buy me a rose, call me from work, open a door for me, what would it hurt’.
Wives – Remember the man you fell in love with and swooned over. Be thankful for what he has been to you. A little gray hair or extra weight need not bring negativity to your feelings!
Children – Be thankful for the mother who bore you inside of her; the father who has sacrificed so much for you.
Parents – Be thankful for the children God has blessed you with. Remember the joy they brought you in the growing up years. Love and pray them through the challenging years.

Together, let’s build a culture that often expresses thanks and appreciation!

Prayer – Lord, give me a heart of thanksgiving daily.

By Palitha Jayasooriya
used by permission

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