Sample Prayers

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Sample Prayers

A sample Opening Prayer

A sample Closing Prayer

Saying Grace – Table prayer

A Prayer Before Meals

Sample prayers

Sample Birthday Prayer

Praying for Children

A Father’s Prayer for His Children

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Praying For Your Husband

Wedding Prayer by Max Lucado

Another Wedding Prayer

A Prayer for Commitment to Marriage

Salvation Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

A Prayer when you are Fearful

A Prayer about Commitment

A Prayer for Neighbours

A Prayer about Being in God’s Will

A Prayer of Confession

A Prayer for When you Need Wisdom

A Prayer for Success

A Prayer for When You are Weak or Ill

Graduation Prayer

A Prayer for Protection

A Power prayer about the reality of God’s forgiveness

A prayer about getting Strength during troubling times

Prayer – Asking Specifically

The Knots Prayer – Dear God, please untie the knots…

Heartfelt Prayers

Prayer for me as a parent and for my family

A Prayer for Inner Peace and Joy


A Soldier’s Prayer

Should I pray every day?

You asked for what?

Praying for your Neighbours – while taking a walk

Daily Prayers – prayer for protection, prayer for friends, prayer for the home; and more.

Another Daily Prayer

Conversational prayer(short version) or   Long Version

Lord, because of you.

Sample Easter Prayers

A Morning Prayer

A 2nd Morning Prayer

Another Morning Prayer

Prayer for Power

The Praying Hands of a Grandmother

A Prayer for our Children and Grandchildren

A Great Article on: How to Know God Listens to your Prayers

Heavenly Father, help us remember…

A Prayer for When You Need more Faith

Praying Prayers of Mercy

How did Jesus Pray?

Praying with Confidence

Intercessory Prayer

A Prayer by Saint Ambrose

A Prayer for Young Women of the World

A Prayer for Others

A Prayer for Friends

A Prayer about Nature and God’s Creation

A Prayer for Prodigals

A Prayer for When You Want to be Reflecting Christ

Make me an Instrument Prayer

A Prayer for when you Feel Like you have Failed

A Prayer for a Dream

A Prayer for Conflict Resolution

A Prayer about Bearing Burdens

A Prayer for the Home

Prayer for a Pastor

Prayer for a Pastor’s Wife

Put on the Whole Armour of God Prayer

A Prayer for Protection

What should be included in prayer

Pray and then Decide

A Call to Prayer– seniors, bedridden individuals and others

Seasonal Prayers

Sample Christmas Prayers

Sample Mother’s Day Prayers

Sample Easter Prayers

A New Year Prayer by Gail Rodgers