A Prayer for Protection

Lord God,

Thank you for all the positive influencers in my life today.

Thank you for everyone who has ever prayed for me

And for anyone who will pray for me in the future. Thanks

especially for the people of strong faith that you have placed

in my path and the positive impact they have had on my character.

Insulate me from experiences that compromise my full potential. Move me away from distractions, diversions, and temptations. Keep my thoughts fixed instead on what is true, pure, excellent and worthy of praise. I know that nothing guards my heart more than being in your will.

Protect me, Father, from any person or relationship that would slowly prod me down the wrong path.

Cause me to become hypersensitive to the people in my life and the sometimes subtle influence they are having on my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical habits.

Bring wise, genuine friends into my life, and dissolve any ties with those who may weaken my relationship with you.

In Jesus’ name,


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