Sample Morning Prayer


Lord, little by little You are getting through my befuddled mind to teach me another practical concept about living a life pleasing to You.

Lord Jesus, I know You said that in this world we would have troubles, but for some reason, I really thought there would be fewer problems as I aged, that I would become wise. But life becomes more complicated.

I wonder, Lord, is it because You need to constantly remind us that this earth is not our home…that we are heaven bound?

So many times I forget that people, circumstances or things cannot give me happiness; only You can. I realize now that my discouragement can be because of the lack of trusting You.

This day, Lord, I pray that You will enable me to trust You each time a problem arises. Whenever I get stressed, remind me to turn my eyes on You and Your sufficiency.

My help comes from You, Lord.


by Katherine Kehler

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