Daily Prayers by Stephen C. Weber

“A Prayer For The Home”

Father, we as parents want to help build a Christ-centered home: with the teaching of Your Holy Word as our golden text for living. Help us to instill love for acquiring knowledge and imparting wisdom. May we be living examples of committed believers demonstrating those character qualities that bring glory and honor to You. Because You have given us so much You now require us to give much in return. May our home be a place that stimulates creativity that offers opportunity for the study of music, of books, of hobbies where ideas can be shared and questions safely discussed. May Christ’s presence permeate our conversation and synchronize our hearts.

Father Your creation reveals that You are a lover of beauty, color, simplicity, and creativity. When disunity or rebellion crashes the loving setting that we so greatly desire, help us to reflect Your character of endurance, faithfulness and self-control. Our example as leaders in the home is more often taken notice of when we?re required to deal with the undesirable circumstances of life. May our family, in as much as it is possible, be a reflection of You whom we serve. Amen.

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Father, help me to be like a refreshing cup of cold water on a hot summer’s day to the friends You’ve given me. May I contribute encouragement, comfort, wisdom, accountability, and loyalty to our friendship. Help me to reserve judgment and faithfully pray for my friends as we walk together heart to heart and hand in hand. Amen.

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“On Fire For God”

Father, we are grateful for the fire of Your Spirit that ignites us to be strong in our faith, wise in our understanding, and obedient in our service to You. May we be eager to listen to Your Spirit’s promptings as we fulfill our duties this day. Amen.

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“In His Time”

Father, You?re a compassionate, all-powerful, on-time God. No need in our life is overlooked, overwhelming, or overly difficult for You to meet. You use the good, the bad, and the complex matters that we sort through daily to test our faith and grow our endurance. These challenges that are continually before us compel us to look to the Scriptures for spiritual understanding and sustaining power. I will trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation, in the midst of the wait. My heart seeks after You, my Lord and my God, for You have cared for me all the days of my life and You will continue to do so, for You promise to never leave me nor forsake me. Amen.

by Stephen C. Weber
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“Bearing Burdens”

Father, as ambassadors of Your heavenly Kingdom, we want to be keenly sensitive to those whose difficulties seem overwhelming. Some of our brothers and sisters are weighed down with troubling circumstances that might overtake them if not for those of us who take them by the arm and pull them up out of the quicksand of discouragement that ultimately sinks them further to depression or despair. As we walk heart to heart and hand in hand with our family of believers we also weep with them in their sorrows and rejoice with them in their victories. Would You lay upon my heart today two individuals, a believer and an unbeliever, and love their souls through me. Help me to do my part to strengthen my brother or sister in their faith journey. Reveal to me a way that I can show genuine concern for the unbeliever, through my caring words or in a loving deed, who needs to see the love of Christ represented in human form. In the blessed name of Jesus, I pray. Amen

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“A Prayer For Protection”

Father, there are many foes standing ready to attack. The enemy’s ammunition is relentless coming from every direction but I am thoroughly protected by Your impenetrable shield that completely surrounds me. Fear misguides, but faith guides me into an enduring trust in Your unfailing love. You are My shelter from the stormy blast of Satan’s weaponry. You lift my head as I am encouraged in You today and my hope is secured in my future eternal home. Amen.

by Stephen C. Weber in Prayer
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