Bible Studies, Lessons and more

Links for New Believers

How To Be Sure You Are a Christian

Now that I am a Christian, What’s Next? – Printable PDF file

Reading the Bible – where to start?

How to Have a ‘Quiet Time’ with God

How to Chose a Local Church

How to Pray

How To Be Sure God Listens To Your Prayers

30 Day Guide for New Believers

Further Understanding:

  1. Four Spiritual Laws
  2. Spiritual Oxygen: Are You Getting Enough?
  3. How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  4. How you can Walk in the Spirit – printable lesson (pdf file)
  5. How to Experience God’s Love and Forgiveness (3 parts)
  6. How to Fall in Love with Jesus by Sylvia Gunter
  7. The Christian and the Bible – Do you ever doubt the validity of the Bible?
  8. Can we Believe the Bible? By Max Lucado
  9. Learning to Listen – by Max Lucado

Bible Studies

About Tithing

The Generosity Habit
Try Tithing
Joyful Generosity
Why Does God Allow Acts of Terror
A Blessing So Great
You Cannot Outgive God
Would You Short Change God?
Fast Of Words: A Different Kind of Fast

Studies by Miscellaneous Authors

  1. A Bible Study on Colossians (15 parts)
  2. A Study on the Heart of God by Sylvia Gunter (Alphabet)
  3. Your Father’s Heart Longs for You by Sylvia Gunter
  4. Why Know the Father’s Heart by Sylvia Gunter
  5. A Bible on How God Demonstrates His Love
  6. A Bible Study on Waiting on God
  7. The Names of God – A Bible study
  8. The Names of Jesus – A study
  9. Study on Psalm 27 by Judy Douglass
  10. A Bible Study on Thanksgiving
  11. God’s Plan – A Study on God’s Destiny for Me?
  12. How to Spend a Day With the Lord
  13. Hearing God’s Voice – a Study by Charles Stanley

Studies by William S. Stoddard:

  1. Thanksgiving for What God Has Done
  2. Sometimes the Lord Sends an Adversary
  3. Angels? Really Now
  4. The Way to Know God
  5. The Everlasting God
  6. The Power of Resurrection
  7. The Word of God and the Power of God
  8. The Race Before Us