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Bible Studies

LESSONS for Christian Growth

Reading the Bible – where to start?

How to Have a ‘Quiet Time’ with God

Four Spiritual Laws that Could Change Your Life – The basics to understanding Christianity and why Christ came to earth, died for our sins and then rose from the dead. How to know Jesus personally

Spiritual Oxygen: Are You Getting Enough?

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
How does the Holy Spirit fit into Christianity? Why is it important for me to understand this?

How to Spend a Day With the Lord

God’s Plan – A Study on God’s Destiny for Me?

Hearing God’s Voice – a Study by Charles Stanley

How you can Walk in the Spirit – printable lesson (pdf file)  Victorious Christian experience versus defeated experience. Learn how to be one of those people whose Christian experience is fulfilling and abundant.

Knowing Jesus Personally – 4 lessons (printable pdf file) Lesson 1: Understanding your relationship with Jesus Christ
Lesson 2: Experiencing God’s love
Lesson 3: Power for Living (the Holy Spirit)
Lesson 4: Growing in your relationship with Christ

How to Experience God’s love and forgiveness (3 parts)

How to Witness in the Spirit

How to Pray with Confidence

Can we Believe the Bible? By Max Lucado

BIBLE STUDIES from  William S. Stoddard:

Thanksgiving for What God Has Done

The Providence of God

Sometimes the Lord Sends an Adversary

Angels? Really Now

In the Beginning, God

Life as God Intends

The Holiness of God

The Power of God’s Word

The Way to Know God

Can We be a Friend of God?

The Everlasting God

His Power to Save, His Right to Rule

The Power of Resurrection

The Peril of Overfamiliarity

How to be at Peace

The Word of God and the Power of God


The Race Before Us

Studies by Warren Willis

Glimpses into the Bible .. part 1

Glimpses into the Bible .. part 2

Studies by Others

A Bible Study on God’s Love –   Part 1   –   Part 2

A Bible Study on Waiting on God

A Bible study on the Names of God

A Bible Study on Being Still and Knowing God – by Sylvia Gunter

A Bible Study on Colossians (15 parts)

A Bible Study on James (15 parts)

A Bible Study on Names of Jesus

A Bible Study on  Jesus and Prayer


Learning to Listen – by Max Lucado

A devotional on the Spirit of Self-control by Sylvia Gunter

Remembering How Much God loves us and wants our lives to be fulfilled and Happy – a study by Sylvia Gunter

A Bible Study on How to Fall in Love with Jesus by Sylvia Gunter

A Bible Study on Thanksgiving

A Bible study on Psalms 27 – a study called Waiting with Hope

30 Day Guide for New Believers

Does God Exist?

If God is good, why is there evil and suffering?

Do All Religions Lead to God

The Christian and the Bible – What happens if we start having doubts about the validity of the Bible?

Is Jesus God?

What will happen to those who have never hear about Jesus?

Is there really right and wrong?

What about all the wars that have been caused in the name of Christianity?

Prayers of Mercy: What does that mean?

Choosing a church

Group Prayer: how to lead a concert of prayer

Bible devotions for Commuters

Love is…. 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter of the Bible