About Hope Tshuma

My name is Simiso Hope Tshuma. I came from a family of eleven siblings. Two brothers and 10 girls.  I live in Windhoek. I love nature very much and each opportunity I get when I am free I go out and have nature walks. This inspires me to see the hand of God at work. Nature draws me nearer to the one who created. It is during these quite times that I write some poem scripts. I listen to birds singing, I watch waterfalls, and I admire mountains and tread on the great and mighty landscapes that beautify this earth.

I was born and bred in a Christian home but along the way I fell. I came back to the Lord got baptized and started serving for him in little things that I do. I like to write and this can also help to draw more souls unto the Lord.  I thank God for all He has done in my life and for being a God who forgives.

Poems by Hope:
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