Lost Without You
by Hope Tshuma Share page


When I wake up in the morning I seek you face
I look for you everywhere because you brighten my days
Days without you brings misery to me
I don’t want to miss a single bit of you
This world is not my final home lest I became comfortable in it
My life is the opposite of what I thought it will be
It seemed nice and sweet but now its bitter
Lord, don’t let the sun go down on me

Come to my heart and save me
Come to my heart and relieve me of this pain am feeling
The devil can’t torment me no more, I have found you
Brighten my days and give me a reason for living
Help me make wise and soundful decisions
Lord, don’t let the sun set on me
Revive me in your righteousness

Have pity on me Lord, I surrender my life to you
Come to my heart, I long for your love
Life without you is so dull and lifeless
You are the one I desire in my life Arise and lift me up and set me firm high ground
For surely I have realized that I am lost without you
Lord, lead me through this journey of life

~ ~ ~ ~

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