Eternal Love

by Hope Tshuma Share page

My heart longs for You so much
Without You I can’t do anything
Your love keeps me going to face each day as it comes
Your love gives me strength to make it in this busy world
Your comfort, keeps me whole and secure
Come to my heart, I miss You

Days without You are meaningless and lifeless
Feel my heart with love, so I share it
Hold my hand and what with me
Teach me to be loving, giving and moreover to be able to forgive
To forgive those I have hurt in this walk of life
To forgive those whose toes I have stepped on
To forgive myself of many mistakes and ungodly decisions I have made in the past
Surround me with you never ending love

Change my heart and mind and give me new thoughts
Surround me with Your everlasting love
Hold me in Your arms where I will be safe
Create in me a clean pure heart
I long for You, days without you are sorrowful
Take my hand and walk with me all the way
Your love keeps me warm, safe and secure
May your Will be done in my life
May Thy Kingdom Come

~ ~ ~ ~

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