How to Pray Articles

Learning to Pray is talking to God, but there is a lot more to it if we really look.

Articles on Prayer

How to be sure God Listens to your Prayers

How to have a “Quiet Time”

Praying with Confidence

Should I Pray Every Day? 

How did Jesus Pray?

You asked for what?

Praying the 23rd Psalm for Yourself and Others

What should be included in prayer

What is Worship? By Sylvia Gunter

Continuous Partial Attention by John Grant

Foundational Truths about Prayer by Sylvia Gunter

Prayer is Talking to God

How to Pray with Confidence – a Study

Why Pray? A response to many emails

Praying for our Society

Prayer – Asking Specifically

Praying for Children

Hearing God’s Voice

Eagerly Watch – a story about eagerly watching for how God answers a prayer

Conversational prayer (short version) orLong Version

Pray and then Decide

A Call to Prayer– seniors, bedridden individuals and others

Concerts of Prayer

Intercessory Prayer

Walking and Talking with God
by Barb Epp part 1

Prayer Initiated by God
by Barb Epp part 2

Prayer Inspired by God
by Barb Epp part 3

Promises of prayer
by Barb Epp part 4

Joy of prayer The mystery of thanksgiving
by Barb Epp part 5

Discipline of prayer Impact of praise and worship
by Barb Epp part 6

Reflecting on your Prayer Journey

The Supernatural Power of Praise

Hailing the Chief– a story about how we all pray differently but often don’t even stop to fellowship with God while we are praying.

Pass it on! – using a prayer chain to pass it on.

How to pray for our LEADERS

Praying for you Neighbours – while taking a walk