Holy Cravings

“Like newborn babies you should crave (thirst for, earnestly desire) the pure (unadulterated) spiritual milk, that by it you may be nurtured and grow into (complete) salvation” 1 Peter 2:2

During a Bible study with our JESUS film team in Mexico, we discussed the meaning of the above verse. A medical doctor in our group pointed out that the verse read “newborn babies,” not simply “babies.” He said that he had delivered more than 180 babies in his lifetime and the only thing that newborn babies desire is the milk from their mother’s breast. They could not live without it. The mother’s milk nourishes them physically, but at the same time, they are being nourished emotionally, because they are being held, cuddled and loved, while being fed.

A mother delights in her child. I have often observed our daughter Val nursing her babies. She looks at the baby with the tender, adoring eyes of one who is still amazed at the wonder and miracle of a newborn babe. A mother will give her life to protect her little child.

We are told to desire the Word as newborn babes desire their mothers’ breast. We receive nourishment, not for our bodies, but for our souls. And even more than an earthly mother, our heavenly Father delights in us. He “loves us with an everlasting love.”

When we spend time in the word with God, we receive the love and protection (cuddling, if you will) every person needs and desires. We never outgrow that need. And like every baby, we will never be spiritually or emotionally healthy without the spiritual and emotional nourishment from God.

Is it any wonder that the enemy of our souls uses every tactic to keep us from spending time with our heavenly Father and His Word? If he succeeds, our growth is sure to be stunted. We become handicapped – emotionally and spiritually. And this could affect our physical health. God yearns to show us how much He loves us. We only have to receive it from Him.

Lord, because You provide everything we need, give us the craving to spend time with You and the Word – more than new born babies crave their mother’s milk. Amen

by Katherine Kehler
used by permission

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