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The Generosity Habit – There are many in need. How do you view your giving habits?

Feature Articles

Peace on Earth – Keeping focused during a Christmas season.

Great Expectations for Christmas
Rather than be driven by a list of expectations, there is a better way to approach Christmas.

Dat Baby Jesus – He makes me laugh

The Christmas Story: Does It Still Matter?

Surviving Christmas: “be still and know that I am God”

Forgiveness at Christmas – are you holding a grudge?

Coping with Loneliness at Christmas

Have you Forgiven Yourself? Christmas is a good time to forgive yourself and others, if needed.

Good Reads

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
How does the Holy Spirit fit into Christianity? Why is it important for me to understand this

Four Spiritual Laws that Could Change Your Life – The basics to understanding Jess and why he came to earth, died for our sins and then rose from the dead

When I say… “I am a Christian” Poem

Reset Button – confessing sin is like a reset button in our relationship with God

Rick Warren

“He gave us taste buds, then filled the world with incredible flavors like chocolate and cinnamon and all the other spices. He gave us eyes to perceive color and then filled the world with a rainbow of shades. He gave us sensitive ears and then filled the world with rhythms and music. Your capacity for enjoyment is evidence of God's love for you. He could have made the world tasteless, colorless, and silent. The Bible says that God "richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment." He didn't have to do it, but he did, because He loves us.” 
― Rick Warren, The Purpose of Christmas


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