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Focusing on Easter:

Easter story The One and Only TRUE Easter Story

Easter storyNEW: At the Foot of the Cross an Easter Poem

Easter storyNEW The Power of Resurrection - by William S. Stoddard

Easter storyNEW In Prison sentenced to Death - by Mike Woodard

More Easter Thoughts:

Who’s Got the Body?  A short, documented examination of evidences for Jesus’ resurrection.  By Rusty Wright:

Touched by the Risen Lord by Elfrieda Nikkel

Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?  Resurrection evidences made clear and simple. 

An Easter Bunny – and an Easter Story – Worth Remembering.A child’s humorous encounter with a department store Easter bunny carries some lessons on hope of inner renewal through the first Easter. (Short op-ed)

NEW by Max Lucado:

Easter story  Easter Prayers

Easter story  More Articles

Remembering the Sad Path to Easter and not just the Glorious part

Why Christians keep on celebrating Easter
by Dr. James L. Wilson

The Cross - by Max Lucado

 What is Lent?

Jesus has Forgiven you, but
Have you forgiven Yourself?

Celebration Ideas for you Family

Easter story  Easter Recipes:

Easter story  More Articles

Easter story  Easter Poems:


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