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What is your Standard of Living?

Thank the Lord Anyway - a story and example of how I found some things to be thankful for in a bad situation

Fully Committed to God

Serving the Lord Wholeheartedly

Pressing On! - a lesson on focusing our eyes and goals on Christ

Pressing on towards a Goal - a story of how we accomplished a God given dream to create a web site.

Count your Blessings

Going to see the King

Heaven - How to be confident you will go to heaven when you die?

Articles on Prayer


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Angel Stories 

Good Angels - Bad Angels - what is the difference?

Monday Morning Miracle

A Room Full of Angels - by Ev Baerg

A Bright Light came over me and healed me  by Mary DeWitt

More Angel here

The Faith Journey

Thoughts about Salt and Life

How Does He do It?

Clean House - An allegory comparing sin and a dirty house from a sand storm.

Harsh Judgements Can Kill One's Spirit

The Stadium was Full

Holy Cravings

Dreams - Another Perspective

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thoughts about god
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