about the National School Project

Our Ministry Supports the National School Project


Student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school.


To coach and mentor middle and high school students to reach their campuses for Christ.

More info at: https://nationalschoolproject.com/about

‘Meant for More’ Outreach Website

The National School Project has started a new outreach website called ‘Meant for More’ 


To better reach students that are searching for answers and questions of faith and purpose,

and to help new Christians better grow in their faith.

It is an outreach tool and resource for students to hear the gospel, choose to start a relationship with Jesus, find a local church and get connected.

Visit their website meantformore.us


Follow the Meant for More movement on Facebook and on Instagram @meantformore.nsp. Meant for More is a campaign of the National School Project whose mission is to equip teens to share Jesus with students at school. You can find them online at com and meantformore.org.

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