The Almighty

The Almighty: A Poem Based on Psalm 18

by Katy Kauffman


Why do I cower so much in the night

And depend on my failing wisdom and might?

My enemies may be too strong for me,

But my God is the powerful One, the Almighty.


I will cry out to Him when danger draws near.

I will call on His name when my heart beats in fear.

O God, rescue me from the onslaught of attacks.

Calm my heart and remind me of the facts—


You are greater than any strong enemy.

You ride on the wind and walk on the sea.

You light coals on fire with one single breath.

The earth shakes when You’re full of wrath.


You fight for Your own, the ones You love.

You descend from the heavens, Your sanctuary above.

You draw me out of the waters, the raging flood.

You save me from sinking into its mire and mud.


I will watch Your lightnings flash and make a display.

I will sing to You as You turn night into day.

You chase away the darkness and gloom.

You slay the enemy and serve them doom.


I will love You forever, my refuge and tower.

I will turn to You and depend on Your power.

You are the One who is greater than all.

The Almighty is my Father who hears me when I call.


© Copyright 2016 by Katy Kauffman

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