There is Nothing Beyond Your Reach

There is Nothing Beyond Your Reach

There is nothing beyond your reach, show me oh Lord undeserved loving kindness. Turn an ear towards my petition for prayer and an eye to this sinner.

Capture me oh Lord and carry me away, to take refuge behind the walls of your mighty fortress.

Forgive me oh Lord my many sins, I hide nothing from you, my heart is open to receive you, examine it oh Lord and find me wanting, but make it yours.

Separate me oh Father from evil and evil men, separate me oh Lord from sin. Know my weakness and be my strength .

Carve your name in my heart, let me wear it as a yoke on my shoulders. Be my treasure oh Lord.

Your son, your servant, let me hear you call me by name and I will know your voice.

Save me my Father, save me my Master, save me from the clutches of unrighteousness.

by Mark Doyle

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