Dreams – Another Perspective

“God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well” (Romans 12:6).

Every person looks at life differently. My friend, Agatha, shared some thoughts about dreams, which I had not previously considered. They are worth sharing with you, many of you will relate.

  1. You are not alone in having dreams that have come and gone. We all have had some dreams that die or have not yet come true.

  2. Sometimes you are helping make someone else’s dream come true. By walking with the Lord and raising a Godly family (biological or spiritual) we can be an answer to our parents’ prayers and dreams.

  3. Many of us are experiencing and living many dreams – dreams of marriage, having children, of walking by faith with our loved ones, introducing others to Christ.

  4. We can all help others fulfill their dreams. Agatha’s father had a dream of living in a free country. She is living his dream and the dream of many who thought it worthwhile to fight for this dream.

  5. We can help others realize their dreams – by giving them food and clean water – by giving them an education, freedom and justice – by helping others find peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  6. We can’t realize our dreams if we try to relive the past. We must go forward. Don’t go back to where you were and what you knew. God’s miracles happen when things look impossible. The Red Sea parted after Moses stepped into it. God’s grace is always there. It’s like He says, “Just keep pushing and don’t worry about falling. I will pick you up and I will pour my grace on you. I will dump it on you! Just ask me.”

Father, thank You for Your grace, which is new every morning, help us to accept what You have for us today and to be thankful. You will help us fulfill the dream in our heart or help us fulfill someone else’s dream. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler

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