Our Love Has Stood The Test Of Time

Our Love Has Stood The Test Of Time

Remembering at age seventeen
the night we met!
It had to be destined for me to
travel another route home and
stop off to the little convenient store

As I opened the door there you
were! sparks flying all across
the room. Then you extended
your hand to me, introducing
your self and when your hand
touched mine it set off such
an explosive reaction!

Instantly I knew you were the
one for me, you were much older
but that did not matter!

We have been through many,
many storms and lived in the
low valleys for awhile yet our
love has stood the test of time.

We have argued a whole lot
and have been angry at each
We have wronged each other too
yet at the end of each day, we
sure did settle it and oh did we!

We have both passed through
the valley of the shadow of death.
Still our love have stood the test
of time and after all these years
I’m still in love with you!

I see us climbing mountains
together and soaring to new
dimensions! soaring to our
divine destiny and becoming
a force to reckon with for our
love has stood the test of time!
and now God is being Glorified!

He is the One who is sustaining
our love and by His Grace and
Mercy our love will continue to
stand the test of time!

written by Margaret C Mullings

Dedicated to my husband and friend for + twenty-six years. Yes I have known him for most of my life!

May this poem bring you hope in spite of what is going on in your marriage forgive each other, and continue to love each other. God will sustain you and bring you through victoriously, making you both a force to reckon with.

Be encouraged your love for each other can withstand the test of time!!!!

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Margaret C Mullings: A unique woman with a passion for the presence of God. She also has a passion for hurting souls. She is an encourager to the body of Christ. A prayer warrior, song writer and playwright with a new found love for the performing Arts. Margaret is the wife of Pastor Paul G Mullings and the mother of four children, Godfrey, Ene’, Garet, and Nia.

Her books include SEEDS OF HOPE