Are YOU Having an Affair?

Marriage Tips by by Mike Woodard

Are YOU having an affair? Your gut may say, “Never!” but there may be more to think about…

How would you define an affair?  Generally we think of an affair when it involves another person. Affairs can come in different shapes and sizes…an affair of the mind…an affair with work, with sports, with hobbies, with volunteer involvement, with parenting, and the list goes on.  Anything that takes your attention, emotional energy and affection away from your primary relationship could be classed as an affair. Have you crossed the line? So let me ask again… Are you having an affair?

Action: Do a heart exam. Are you allowing room for your relationship? Has your heart’s attention and affection been directed elsewhere?

Love that Lasts – by Mike Woodard

Love That Lasts – 52 Insights for Couples is designed to add depth and richness to their relationships. This collection of relationship insights are intended to stimulate discussion, suggest practical steps and most of all to keep couples talking! Relational growth is proportional to our consistent soul connection. This book is motivated by a profound belief in the wonder and beauty of a God ordained intimacy between a man and a woman.”
Mike Woodard
Author, FamilyLife Canada  

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