About Warren Willis

About Warren Willis

Warren has been in Christian Ministry for over 44 years.  Most of his ministry work has been done through Campus Crusade for Christ.


Willis Personal CCC Career Milestones

1966-75 Campus Crusade for Christ – UC Berkeley: Staff; Campus Director; Northern California-Nevada District Director

  1. Nine years at UC Berkeley on CCC staff.
  2. Developed the one of the first CCC Weekly Campus Staff Training Models
  3. Seven (7) staff men promoted to Campus Director in a single year.
  4. Nine (9) staff women promoted to Campus Senior Woman in the same year.
  5. Remained at the UC Berkeley campus for 9 years, the record for CCC Sr. Staff durability at UC Berkeley to that date.
  6. Was present on the UC campus during the turbulent late 60’s and early 70’s.
  7. Became aware of the power of short-term projects by being present during the 1966 national CCC “Berkeley Blitz” on the UC Berkeley campus.
  8. Learned to trust the Lord in a difficult campus environment.
  9. Held the positions of Senior Staff and Campus Director at UC Berkeley, and North California/Nevada District Director.
  10. Developed successful tests for reaching Jr. College Campuses through local churches.
  11. Recruited 200 students and a full staff of teachers to go south of Mexico City 100 miles for a one-month CCC Institute of Biblical Studies and mission trip combined. Was the Dean and taught courses, as well.

1976-83 Campus Crusade for Christ – Micronesia National Director

  1. Eight years in Micronesia.
  2. Recruited and developed the Stop-Out for Christ program which gave rise to the CCC – US STINT (Short Term International) missions program.
  3. 150 recent university graduates and under graduates came to Micronesia and in 4 years these 150 put in 220 year’s worth of ministry service.
  4. We showed the Jesus Film in all ……………major Island population centers of the nearly 3,000 islands of the area that is now the four separate Countries of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Marianna Islands, plus the US Territory of Guam.
  5. We established a campus, AIA, church training, community service programs in nearly every city on Guam, a military ministry that touched 4 bases (including chapel programs) as on the island of Guam that impacted the entire island.
  6. We branched out into short-term projects to other countries such as the Philippines, Israel, and Jordan.
  7. Thus, using Guam as a training base for the initial months of the project, we sent teams all over Micronesia, the Philippines, and other countries to help reach the world for Christ and to train the participants for full-time service.

1984-91 Campus Crusade for Christ – Canadian National Campus Director, Associate Director of Canadian International Missions

  1. Eight years in Canada.
  2. Came to Canada with a leadership team of eleven (11) at the invitation of Marvin Kehler, Canadian National Director to train the Canadian Ministry in the “How To’s” of implementing an international short-term international projects program which was then developed by the Canadians into a worldwide outreach.
  3. This training was done in the context of leading the Canadian Campus Ministry.
  4. The environment of this training was done in Argentina, Brazil (mainly in the Amazon Jungle territories), India, Thailand, Guyana (S.A.), etc.
  5. Learned how to work with businessmen and government officials.

1991-2000 Campus Crusade for Christ – National Director of Mongolia.

  1. Nearly 10 years in Mongolia.
  2. Paul Eshlemen and Stottler Starr opened Mongolia in January of 1991 by signing a contract with the largest film company in Mongolia to show the American based film to that country.
  3. In March of 1991 I accompanied Paul Eshlemen’s personal assistant to Mongolia to develop the perimeters of translating the film into Mongolian.
  4. Subsequent trips were done alone until the recruited team of 6, four besides Diane and myself, were finally all moved to Mongolia by October of 1991.
  5. The tri-premiere of the Jesus Film in Mongolia took place on January 11, 1992 with 2500 in attendance at the three largest theaters in Mongolia’s capital.
  6. When Inspirational Films was first introduced to Mongolia in January of 1991 there were a reported 5 known believers in Christ.
  7. When we left in 2000 we had 25 full-time staff, including 12 Mongolian staff, 10 ministries, 10 ministry directors, which included 4 Mongolians.
  8. For further information refer to the 1991-2000 Mongolia Report.
  9. Final departure from Mongolia in October of 2000.

2001-2010 Return to United States Ministries.

  1. Medical Leave October to December 2001 – Wife ill.
  2. 2002 to present.

    Ethnic Expansion Ministry – Director

    California School Project – Warren Willis, Director – 2005 to Present

    Greater Los Angeles Educators – Warren Willis, Director

    California Muslim Project – Steve Bresler, Associate Director

    California Naya Jeevan Project  (Hindu) –Director

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