About Mark Buchanan

About Mark Buchanan

My name is Mark. I am a writer and a professor. I am a fisherman and a scuba diver. I love dark rich coffee and low-rider motorcycles. I am a teacher, a father, an author, a husband, a neighbor, a friend. I am a worshipper in spirit in truth, a man after God’s own heart, and the chief of sinners. I write because I can’t help it. It’s something viral. The need to write woke up in me when I was 12, and grew into something fierce and wild and holy. All my books have come from this. They are things birthed as much as created.I became a pastor because God has a sense of humor. I never intended it. But he saw something in me neither I nor anyone else saw, and drew me down a path that has been the hardest and best of all.I want to die like Jacob, leaning on my staff, worshiping God with all my heart, and blessing the generations that come after me. I would like as my epitaph, “He served God in his generation.” Especially, I’d like it to be true. Shalom

Mark Buchanan is a pastor and freelance writer who lives on the West Coast of Canada. Educated at the University of British Columbia and Regent College.

Mark has written numerous books: The Rest of God; Your God is too Safe, and Things Unseen.
See all of his books at: http://markbuchanan.net/books/

Learn more about Mark: http://www.markbuchanan.net/

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