About Don Krause

About Don Krause (M.Ed)

Don Krause is Canadian born, served as  a librarian in education for fifteen years and has also served as a pastor. His ministry includes  four stints in Bali which sensitized him to the inordinate needs in the world.

Though he dreamt about writing during his education and ministering years he finally found the time ten years ago, and since then has written many devotionals, over twenty short stories and  seven novels, two of which are self-published: Limits of Compassion and Give Me Respect.

I am a writer of novels and short stories. Occasionally I produce inspirational booklets. The stories are unique and entertaining, and they invariably incorporate challenges in relatonships or the need all people have for acceptance and love. That may involve filial love or general caring love.

Don lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife, Ann.

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