The Lifter of my Head


“You are a shield around me, O Lord; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head”. Psalm 3:3

Too often at social meetings, worship meetings and at hospitals, I see people with their heads hanging low, bowed down by the burdens they are carrying. Some of them may have no one to talk to, while others show no sign of hope in their eyes. They are desperately looking for answers. Many more have given up and resigned themselves to the challenges they are battling with.

What about you?

Is your head bowed down today because of a burden you are carrying? Are you desperate for God to come through?

When we are downcast or gazing downwards, our eyes are fixed only on a small area of the floor around us. What we see therefore is a very limited space and Satan will do everything possible to keep our gaze on that small space. But, when God lifts our head up, we will see the whole horizon before us; the largeness of what He has created for us to enjoy! Imagine yourself on a beach at dusk, looking down. You may see a rock, some sea sand and maybe a few shells. However, if you lift your head up, you will see the entire horizon, the beautiful sky, maybe a ship or two in the distance, and the beauty of a setting sun! You then realize how big the Creator God is!!

The Good News is that Jesus is well able to ‘lift up your head’ and He is waiting to do so! Psalm 3:3 says, “But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head”(ESV). God, through Jesus, wants to show you a glimpse of His glory and to “lift up your head “. Will you call upon the mighty name of Jesus and ask Him for help now? It will change your outlook on your problem!!

PrayerLord, my head hangs low with the burdens I am carrying. Be my shield, show me your glory and lift my head up now. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

By Rev. Palitha Jayasooriya
Used by Permission

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