About Palitha Jayasooriya

About Palitha Jayasooriya

Palitha Jayasooriya is an Executive/Preaching Pastor of the 4000+ strong Peoples Church, based in the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka.

Born to a non- believing family, Palitha suffered with chronic asthma for his entire childhood and most of his teenage years. However, his life was dramatically changed when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.  Not only was he saved, but the Lord subsequently healed him of his asthma.

After working in a secular job for 7 years, Palitha answered the call to full time ministry and has been serving God at Peoples Church for the past 36 years. He is also an experienced Radio Broadcaster, having served for over 20 years with the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation as a presenter, news reader and commentator.

Besides hosting his own sermon blog, ‘The Preaching Platform’ (http://www.preachingplatform.org), Palitha is also a contributor to sermonsearch.com, crosswalk.com, preachingtoday.com, and You Version. He loves preaching and teaching the Word of God. His inspirational sermons can be downloaded at https://www.sermonsearch.com/contributors/217613/palitha-jayasooriya/

Palitha is happily married to his wife Regina, and the Lord has blessed them with 2 teenage sons, Sheriah and Sheramiah. His favorite pastime is spending time with them and listening to music. He can be reached at palitha.j@peopleschurch.lk