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By John Grant

“Then the anger of the Lord would flame out against Israel again. He declared, “Because these people have violated the treaty I made with their ancestors, I will no longer drive out the nations left unconquered by Joshua when he diedâ€? 
Judges: 2:20-22 TLB

So often in Biblical and Christian history, when a dynamic leader moves on their good work unravels. Often a new generation arises choosing to ignore the lessons and legacies from their forefathers. As Christians, we need to have connections with both our spiritual and national heritage…… lest we forget.

How often the sorry cycle of forgotten leadership goes from prosperity to bondage, as we forget the lessons and leadership of our forefathers. As we celebrate in America the signing of the Declaration of Independence, let us not forget the sacrifice of those who put their lives and fortunes on the line for the cause of liberty. They were willing to risk all that they had for a legacy of freedom and liberty.

I wonder that if the same challenge confronted this nation today, could we in all of America we could find fifty six people willing to strike their signatures to make such a sacrifice and take such a risk?

Lee Iacocca has written a new book entitled “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?�
In it, he points out how many business leaders and members of the Congress have ended up in handcuffs and asks where are those who would speak up for the national good to the exclusion of their individual goals, aspirations and downright selfishness.

The absence of leadership is not restricted exclusively to the people of the political and business world. The church is not immune. Just think of how many crusaders for the faith have recently departed this world or are  now beyond the ability to have an effective ministry. Who will replace their booming voices in the arena of public opinion?
How many pastors are hiding behind their pulpits, afraid of loosing their tax exempt status when they should be speaking out on the moral and social issues of the day? Why do studies show that those who identify as being born again Christians vote with less persistence than the population as a whole.

But, as English philosopher Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.�
The book of Judges talks about the “Anger of the Lord flaming out� against those who have forgotten their heritage and the sacrifice of their forefathers. Let us never, never forget the national and spiritual legacy of our forefathers and let us resolve to be protectors and guardians of the faith, sacrifice and roots of generations before us.
Remember, liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.
(a thought on life from John Grant)

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John Grant is a former Florida State Senator and is a practicing attorney. He is an active writer and frequent speaker.  He can be reached by e-mail at John.Grant@johngrant.net

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by John Fischer

In counseling session, I inadvertently lean on a pillow that emits a faint electronic warble. I only hear it subconsciously, as I am deeply engaged in the conversation. Then it happens again and I look down and discover my pillow is screaming at me. An electronic chip inside is responding to the pressure of my elbow. On the face of the pillow is a rendering of Edvard Munch’s famous 19th century expressionism painting, “The Scream“—that wavy image of a wide-open mouth and gaunt, skeletal face cradled in the hands of its own desperation. You may have seen it rendered as a popular Halloween mask. It has become a universal depiction of the cry of the human heart.

In the painting, the screaming victim is standing on a bridge with a red, turbulent sky behind him and two figures in the background. In the artist’s own words, the inspiration for this painting came when an unexplainable sense of dread overcame him while out walking with two of his friends. “My friends walked on—I stood there, trembling with fear. And I sensed a great, infinite scream pass through nature.”

Until I read this description, I saw the figures as approaching and for some reason coming after the screaming victim, but according to the artist, the two figures have passed on ahead, seemingly oblivious to whatever it was that gripped him with fear. This underlines even more the loneliness expressed. His companions have their backs turned on his desperation. They are no help to him. Only he can hear the scream; and their apparent disinterest makes you feel the scream is silent.

This is not a painting of a human being on a bridge surrounded by landscape; it is an abstract capturing of the human soul. It is a painting of the state of mind that people are in today. We live in a time of momentous fear. Terrorism and economic hardship grip many people, but their screams are mostly silent. Those who could help are walking away.

Where are you in this picture? Are you the screamer, or one of the ones passing on?

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If someone you know was screaming like this, would you know it? How?
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JOHN FISCHER, as Senior Writer with PurposeDrivenLife.com, has specialized in a daily devotional that now reaches an audience of over 400,000 people five times a week. John’s career spans over thirty-five years of distinctive ministry, first as a singer/songwriter, recording artist and pioneer of\ Jesus Music, then as a best-selling author, and currently as a popular speaker at conferences, retreats, churches and colleges/universities nationally.

You can contact John at: john.fischer@mac.com or visit his website: http://www.fischtank.com/ft/about.cfm

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