Power Up

“…pray continually” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

When my circumstances are overwhelming. When the world is in turmoil. When someone I love hurts me. I pray — a lot.

It’s not because I’m desperate, but because praying is the only thing which brings me extreme comfort. It calms my inner storm, heals my broken heart, and floods me with deeply rooted, immovable peace.

Maybe that’s why Paul gave such a bold instruction to the Thessalonians in today’s verse. He knew that in order to cope with the discouraging and confidence-crushing situations life would bring, standing on the power of prayer is the only way to go. Not just once or for a few minutes each day, but, all the time.

I have come to know its transformational power for myself. Prayer changes things. It alters outcomes, overturns anxiety, and annihilates fear. It changes other people and it changes me.

As a follower of Jesus and someone who has been called to be a woman of prayer, I take Paul’s words seriously and pray continually. So, for those who have lost their jobs and struggle to balance finances, I pray. For the unforeseen changes in routine that’s causing anxiety and despair, I pray. For the hurting, sick, and lost, I pray.

In the trying times we find ourselves living in, prayer couldn’t be more crucial than right now.

Pray today and experience for yourself the extraordinary results that praying can and will bring to you and the world around you.

Mighty Jesus, you knew the power that prayer possessed because you were always engaged in it. Thank you for calling me to be a prayer warrior for times such as these that we find ourselves in. May I bring you glory as I pray for those who are overwhelmed by their circumstances. Let them know the peace that can only come from you and prayer. I love you, Jesus and I pray this in the power of your name. Amen.

By Melissa Talbot
Used by Permission

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